Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009...Hello 2010!!!

With only a few hours left in 2009  I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a safe & Happy New Year....  I've come up with a list of resolutions for myself that I vowed to follow for 2010

They are:

1. To get organized
2. To get in shape (seriously this time)
3. To finish what I start (never know how many times I give up)
4. To stop swearing....(lol)

What were yours????

See you guys next year.... :)


LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I don't have tons of resolutions, but the ones I do have, I'm keeping measurable (or I'll flake - again :D )

I want to post at least two non-"look" posts a week - tutorials, reviews, anything that isn't an EOTD/FOTD/NOTW - on my blog.

I want to start walking more often. I'm going to start with the goal of "walk three miles twice a week", which is very doable for me. I just have to get out and do it :D

I want to replace my water heater with a tankless water heater. This will cost over $2,000 for the system and installation, but it will save me money on gas in the long run (and my water heater needs replaced this year, as it has a 10-year warranty and...hey, this is its tenth year. So I want to replace that thing before it explodes or does something else equally nasty.)

Good luck with your goals!!

MsChrys said...

Good luck with yours as well! I'm gonna post more starting soon I have beginner as far as the resolutions I decided they would seem less forced if I call them "life changes" instead of "resolutions" maybe that will

Thanks so much foe stopping by, please come back soon! ;)

Tish said...

Good Luck with the resolutions...I am just trying to make Changes...Do Better, Be Better, Live Better, Spend Wisely...Hopefully I can accomplish this in 2010

MsChrys said...

Tish I like the 1st better! That's what it all boils down too anyways tryin to do better. I won't say good luck cause I know you're gonna do it :-)